Breaking Free From The Work Trap While On Vacation

Fall’s coming. And as much as I adore this season, my mind can easily turn to the cold… Continue Reading


Getting Hybrid Work Right

We’ve had a few years where working hybrid has become a new normal for many. Even so, businesses… Continue Reading


Five Ways To Include Neurodiverse Talent At Work

When my own relatives, friends and clients began self-declaring their neurodiversity, it took me by surprise. There was… Continue Reading

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Go Beyond HR To Find Diverse Talent

Many leaders are still asking how they can find the people they want to hire to create a… Continue Reading

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Use What We’ve Learned From The Pandemic To Be A Better Male Ally

No one disputes that male allyship is needed to enable the change we want to see with gender… Continue Reading


Women’s Great Resignation: Ways To Retain Women Leaders

As women continue to consider exiting the workforce, the question on their minds is: Does my workplace work for… Continue Reading


The Secret To Productivity Isn’t Time Management

When the only answer to a leader’s personal productivity challenge is better time management, you know that it’s… Continue Reading

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Cultivating Habits Close the Gender Leadership Gap (Forbes Interview)

It has long been recognized that female leaders are being underrepresented and left behind in STEM and S&P 500 companies. Historically, the move towards closing opportunity gaps at work took a gender agnostic approach with marginal results. Today, businesses are addressing the issues that hold women back and tailoring leadership development specifically towards women.


Four Job Search Strategies During A Pandemic

“I’m thinking a lot about my work and what’s next.” It’s coming up to the new year and… Continue Reading


Here’s How This Crisis Is Changing Organizational Cultures For The Better

The challenge organizations face during this pandemic is how to proactively make policy changes that allow them to… Continue Reading

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Examining The Gains And Losses Of Our Changing Work Environment

(Forbes published this article in the early summer and I am posting it here because the strategies are… Continue Reading

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Advice for Leaders Newly Working from Home

I might be in the lower percentage of those people who enjoy working from home. My work as… Continue Reading


Cultivating A Performance Culture Of Respect

There are few things more important for a leader than fostering a culture where people feel safe to… Continue Reading


For Women Leaders To Move Up, They Must Be Fully Themselves

I always knew that women were not smaller versions of men, but distinct all on their own. Recently,… Continue Reading

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Getting Unstuck

How are you doing today? One of the many things I’ve learned about how to be with people… Continue Reading


Leadership As An Infinite Game

If life is a game, you need to know whether you are playing an infinite game or a… Continue Reading


A Simple Handbook to Living and Leading in Uncertain Times

Living and leading under emergency conditions is a skill set on its own. We quickly become aware of… Continue Reading


A Leader’s Guide To Using A Stylist

Leaders have long known that the way they dress makes a difference in how they are perceived. I… Continue Reading


Four Ways Leaders Misstep With Their Wardrobe

It’s a tender topic and one I approach with care. Don’t misunderstand me: I’m not referring to clothes… Continue Reading


Good Habits: What’s Lacking In Leadership Development

There’s something wrong with how we develop leaders. Learning what we need to do to step up our… Continue Reading


What To Do When You’re Overworked

“No one takes their foot off the pedal when they’re in the game.”  Be forewarned, this idiom tells… Continue Reading


Leadership: Why Execution Alone Isn’t Enough

“Being social at work is a waste of time.” When I heard these words from a leader regarding… Continue Reading


Before You Leave Your Job: An Eight-Step Checklist

When I look back at the transitions in my career, I admit that I didn’t always know how… Continue Reading


How To Stop Ruminating And Build Your Confidence As A Leader

While working with a senior leader I was surprised to learn that what was stopping her from taking… Continue Reading


Thought Leadership: In Search of Your New Big Idea

Putting your name out in front of a big idea for your company is a great feat of… Continue Reading

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How to Reach Better Collaborative Solutions in Less Time

Everyone knows cross-group collaboration doesn’t happen nearly enough in most organizations. Though for many companies, it has been… Continue Reading


How To Become An Energizer In Groups

I’m participating in Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar with a lot of other individuals. It expands on his book… Continue Reading


How Mentors Can Turn Around A Failing Mentoring Program

Having mentored many people over the years and advised plenty of programs, I’ve seen their uneven results. Few… Continue Reading


What Stops Women From Mentoring

I enjoy speaking on panels about women leaders. There’s often a feeling of colleagueship and sisterhood among the… Continue Reading


How To Successfully Argue For A Co-CEO Role

Maybe you’ve heard of co-CEOing, two people sharing the same role at the top of an organization. Sure,… Continue Reading


Addressing the Sponsorship Shortfall

According to a 2010 Harvard Business Review article, more high-potential women reported having mentors than men. Today, women… Continue Reading


How Leaders Can Accelerate Innovation Through Networks Outside Their Industry

To come up with new ideas and ways of doing things, it isn’t often conversations with our own… Continue Reading


The Informal Influencers That Are Key To Making Change

Are you successful at persuading resisters to change? If you are a leader with a vision, you aspire… Continue Reading


Five Useful Ways Leaders Use Stories

Few would disagree that, for leaders, telling stories is useful — or even necessary. We know that stories… Continue Reading


Five Ways For Leaders To Pitch Persuasively

I watched 10 women semi-finalists, all leaders of early-stage companies, present their innovations to a stellar jury at… Continue Reading


Laura Menke Arroyo on Talent Development

Laura Menke Arroyo is 1 of 4 senior leaders who has been invited to speak about people development… Continue Reading

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It’s Time to Re-energize Gatherings

I admit it. I have a pet peeve. An itch that Priya Parker’s new book scratches. That gatherings… Continue Reading


Actually, introverts like speaking (and how to get them to speak more)

It’s common knowledge that transformational leaders Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and Gandhi were introverts. We know who they… Continue Reading


You say you want open debate and disagreement

Creating a climate where people speak out even when there is agreement is something many leaders say they… Continue Reading


Receiving praise: we often shut it out

Leaders aren’t perfect. One common challenge is accepting acknowledgements and praise. I discovered early on that from time… Continue Reading


In search of the future, 6 pointers to build a strategic network

Have you ever wondered why you are the one who seeks out people outside your own field and… Continue Reading


Differentiation: Retail Lux

I’m a flaneur, a florid word that describes an urban explorer who enjoys walking long distances. On my… Continue Reading

How Women Rise

‘How Women Rise’ in the Age of #TimesUp

A group of 25 of us sat around tables at a recent professional development workshop and shared what… Continue Reading

Networks: How to cross boundaries

Networks: How to cross boundaries

It’s likely that you, just like pretty much all of us, have a story of working on a… Continue Reading

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I’m Being Chased by Facebook

Facebook is in the news because it looked the other way for 2 years while others were harvesting… Continue Reading


Why Some Resist Collaborating Across Silos (it’s not what you think)

We’ve had a love-hate relationship with silos. How else can we explain their persistence? Silos can be nasty…. Continue Reading

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Being the Disruptor/the Disrupted

There on the gallery wall hung the disruptor. A tiny first-generation Apple iPhone that had a fixed-focus camera… Continue Reading

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Networking Is a Dirty Word

Networking. Uncomfortable, dirty, exploitive and inauthentic. And that’s just for starters. Most of us recognize these associations that… Continue Reading

Viewing Life as Projects

Viewing Life as Projects

“My life works far better when I am doing a project.” I heard myself say it out loud… Continue Reading


Story Telling and Pitching

Chuffed about running Give and Get for one year, a meaningful milestone, someone asked me… Continue Reading

Perfect Strangers | Push Your Project Forward | Give and Get | Goldgrab Leadership

Perfect Strangers

I’m very lucky. In my line of work I meet a lot of trailblazers. But too often, promising projects and initiatives get stuck… Continue Reading