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Women Leaders Habit Lab is designed for women who have few or no women leaders in their function to serve as role models. In our live online leadership experience, participants uncover what gets in their way and gain proven strategies to create critical leadership habits that accelerate their career.
Maybe it’s to be recognized, gain greater influence, or not go it alone.

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The hard truth is that women aren’t advancing fast enough in great numbers.

Companies have identified that women are underrepresented at senior levels. They’ve made promises to reach gender equity, yet know that the current solutions don’t go far enough.

Women leaders want to rise in their careers while being true to themselves. They want a clear path forward and tangible results.

Who is it for?

Leadership development for organizations who seek to see women rise.

Why Choose the Women Leaders Habit Lab?

  • Actionable outcomes that last
  • Guidance and the freedom to experiment
  • Insights on what holds women back
  • An authentic path to growth
  • Led by an authority on career and leadership development
  • Tailored to mid-career leaders

Change Needs New Habits.

We focus on habits because when leaders learn how to sustain a habit they value, their actions become consistent with their career aspirations.

Covid has isolated women and left them feeling uncertain about their futures. Our Habit Labs help women feel supported, engaged and in control of what’s next.

There are a limited number of Habit Labs delivered every year.

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