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Women excel as leaders by all kinds of measures.
Yet many women leaders aren’t yet reaching their full potential or being promoted to where they want to be.

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In this group learning experience, leaders uncover what’s been proven to get in women’s way and then gain the understanding and strategies to create a new critical leadership habit that makes all the difference.
Maybe it’s to be recognized, negotiate a no, or not go it alone.

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The Women Leaders Lab is an innovative 2-month weekly live video group leadership experience for women who want to go further.

It’s filled with loads of learning, discussion, interviews, creativity, experimentation and fun. We are intentional about building a connected community of experimentation so that everyone gets the most from their experience.

I bring my years coaching women leaders to this program. As a group facilitator, a writer about leadership for Forbes.com, and with know-how about what makes habits stick, I’ve seen women have breakthroughs in their leadership so they are more effective and move up in their career.

Who is it for?

Leadership development for organizations who seek to see women rise.

Why Choose the Women Leaders Habit Lab?

  • A live interactive format blends video interaction, small-group activity and a community platform
  • The convenience of virtual learning at work
  • It’s a learning laboratory that encourages practice and experimentation
  • Peer learning provides feedback and support
  • Extensive networking opportunities
  • Led by a seasoned Master Certified Executive Coach
  • It’s tailored to any level of leader

Leaders Learn How To:

  • Appreciate the difference between goals and habits
  • Know what they need in order to take action
  • Create their own personalized habit DNA, their Habit Profile
  • Identify the single most important habit that is holding them back
  • Design a powerful habit that sticks
  • Duplicate their success with future habits

There are a limited number of Habit Labs I deliver for organizations each year.

Want to know more? I’d love to hear from you!